We are Dames who like to have a cocktail and talk TV….the good, the bad and the embarrassing

We start with Temptation Island...the first of 2 final bonfires (7:44)! Then onto Bravo...RHOC (14:12), RHOD (27:03), RHONJ (37:48) and Project Runway (45:57)

After our Dirty Dish we have 90 Day Fiance (9:50), Below Deck (30:48) RHOA (39:24) and end with Married to Medicine

We just touch upon the Project Runway Premier (11:24), and then on to The Housewives! (15:58) We had to end with the RHOD since it was the best housewives episode we have seen in A VERY LONG TIME!

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We breakdown last night's overnight dates and had a lovely conversation/interview with Gavin!


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What we watched/listened to over Thanksgiving break and then onto 90 Day Fiance (12:24), RHOA (34:47) Married to Medicine (42:55) and then we end with Below Deck!


Recommended: Netflix Documentary...Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator. Followed by the podcast 30 for 30 BIKRAM; On Netflix: Elite and The Irishman.

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We are loving Temptation Island this Season 2! The couples, the singles, the drama...it has it all.  We had so much fun talking to Ashley H.  She is just as sweet as she is on the show.

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This is our catch-up, extra long episode for Thanksgiving week where we just combined everything...From Love after Lock Up to 90 Day Fiance (27:13) to all our Bravo shows (58:23) Housewives, Married to Medicine and Below Deck.

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Since we are still recovering from Bravocon, we decided to deep dive into Temptation Island since it is so good and we haven't really done that this season. Next week we will pick up as usual with all our other shows! Also, we had an interview with Medinah, who is one of the singles making this season VERY fun to watch! Temptation Island (7:43) Medinah interview (33:53).

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Sitting in our hotel bar in NYC discussing Bravocon with our guests, Hannah and Katie!

WE ARE HEADED TO BRAVOCON TONIGHT!!!! But before we leave, we had to talk about our shows! Dirty Dish, Love After Lock Up (13:33) 90 Day Fiance (33:46) RHOA (52:33) RHOC (1:02:03) and Below Deck (1:14:31)

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