We are Dames who like to have a cocktail and talk TV….the good, the bad and the embarrassing

So we recorded sober...won't do that again! Married at First Sight (6:24) RHONJ (22:43) RHOA (31:53) Summerhouse (35:14) and Vanderpump Rules (44:23)

Shows/Instagram accounts we talked about/recommend: Love is Blind on Netflix and Danny Pellegrino on Instagram

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Bachelor Hometowns (9:30) Shah's of Sunset (32:30) 90 Day Fiance Reunion (42:07) Life After Lock Up ...We know, we say Love After Lock Up...sorry (48:37) Below Deck Reunion (58:05) and Married at First Sight (1:01:47)

Instagram/Podcasts we discuss: The Viall Files, Behind the Velvet Rope, Starcasm


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Gina gives all the scoop on her Oscar weekend in LA,  90 Day Fiance (11:19) The shit show that is The Bachelor (20:02) RHOA (28:55) and the much awaited premier of the Shahs of Sunset (35:17).

Only one show this week....

Netflix show we recommended this week: The Stranger

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We packed a lot into 1 show! 5 hours of Bachelor in 20 minutes, MAFS (21:08), Finale of Below Deck (37:40), Below Deck Sailing Yacht (42:59) RHONJ (48:15) Vanderpump (1:00:25) Premier of Summerhouse (1:05:01) Life After Lock Up (1:14:25)

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Podcasts we discussed: Viall Files, Bravo's Daily Dish

Gina recommends on Netflix: The Stranger

First off...Sorry about the clicking sound...I know it's annoying...it WILL be fixed! Married at First Sight Honeymoons! (7:30) RHONJ (37:21), Below Deck (30:12) and Vanderpump (52:19).

Instagram sights we mention: All About the Tea

Podcasts mentioned: Out in the Wild

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One of these shows is not like the other.. But they are all entertaining! Life After Lock Up (7:58) 90 Day Fiance (25:01) The Bachelor (38:17).  Anne talks about the show Flirty Dancing (which we just saw HAS NOT been renewed...) and Gina talks about the return of Super Nanny.

Instagram Accounts we discussed: Fraudedbytlc, Crazeyeyes

Podcasts: The Viall Files and Almost Famous Podcast with Ben and Ashley

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Warning...Anne drops the F bomb in the first minute! Married at First Sight...some are starting to crumble already! RHOA (21:43), Vanderpump Rules (28:00) Below Deck (40:47), RHONJ (48:20) and end with Project Runway.

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What was our favorite interview over the past year? We had the same favorite! Love After Lock Up (6:37), 90 Day Fiance (26:48) and The Bachelor (46:05)


Podcasts we mention this week:  The Fraudcast


Starting off with Married at First Sight, the last two weddings...then onto RHONJ (20:57) Vanderpump Rules (32:24) Below Deck, and ending with RHOA (48:47).

Instagram account we talked about: All About the Tea

Podcast we talked about: Out in the Wild

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Here it is...the embarrassing moment at the Almost Famous Live Podcast, followed by our recaps of Bachelor (17:58), Life After Lock Up (30:54) and 90 Day Fiance (43:58).

Podcasts we mention and recommended on today's show: The Viall Files (hosted by Nick Viall of the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise ) and The Fraudcast (for all your 90 Day Fiance dish)

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